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November Newsletter

An early Merry Christmas from all of us at Mark Trovato Chartered Accountants.  It's been an exciting 6 months for us with our new venture and we can't wait to announce what 2014 has in store! 
In the meantime, we are pleased to announce that we have appointed a new Accountant who will commence in the new year. 

Please note, our office will be closed from 20th December 2013 and will reopen 6th January 2014.  If you have any urgent queries during this time, please contact Mark Trovato on 0438918057.          
For our direct contact details, please click here...

Thinking of converting MYOB to XERO and don't know what to do?
We can deal with this process and make it seamless for you.  All you have to do is provide us with your up to date MYOB data file, fully reconciled.  Within 5 days, we can provide you with your new XERO file and the following data transferred across from MYOB:
      *  Chart of Accounts
      *  Year to date data (all transactions)
      *  All Receivables (with full data)
      *  All Payables (with full data)
      *  All payroll data
      *  Full payroll setup
      *  All Contacts (Customers, Suppliers & Employees)
      *  Previous FY balances.

If you don't want all this data above transferred across, we can customise the conversion to suit your needs.  So, no need to wait until the start of the financial year, or start of the quarter.

To convert over, please contact our office before 1 February 2014, and we will include up to 1 hour free XERO training from our Certified Advisor PLUS 2 months free subscription for you!

For more information on XERO, please see our website....


We have been notified that there is a change in the price structure of XERO data files as of 5th December 2013. 

For more information regarding the new pricing plans, please follow this link and click on Pricing.


As a XERO client, you will not need to take any action, XERO will automatically transfer your file to the new plan that suits the level of transactions you undertake in the month leading up to the change.  For most people on the current medium plan, this will result in a $1 a month price increase.

Should you wish to review your new plan, please don't hesitate to contact Alison Trovato at our office to discuss.


Government Scraps Superannuation, FBT Reforms

The coalition government will scrap a series of tax proposals introduced under the previous Labor government, including planned changes to the fringe benefits tax and moves to raise taxes on earnings from superannuation pension funds.

This included the scrapping of the proposed 15% tax on superannuation pension earnings over $100,000.  A $1.8 billion fringe benefits tax on the car industry announced in April will go too.

This is a good result for anyone looking to salary package a car.

The Government announced it would not go ahead with putting a $2,000 cap on the amount people can deduct as self-education expenses.

For any other enquiries, please find our contact details below.

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Kind Regards           

The Team
Mark Trovato Chartered Accountants

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