Fortnight # 3 (FN03) JobKeeper Payment Deadline - Sunday 10 May 2020

For those businesses who have enrolled in the JobKeeper Scheme, it is imperative that you maintain the minimum fortnightly gross wages of $1,500 to each enrolled eligible employee.

Please see the timeline below for minimum payments as per the ATO JobKeeper specified fortnights PER ENROLLED ELIGIBLE EMPLOYEE:


FN#             ATO JobKeeper Specified Fortnight    Minimum Gross Earnings Payment Due
FN01  30/3/2020 to 12/4/2020 $1,500.00 8/5/2020**
FN02 13/4/2020 to 26/4/2020 $1,500.00 8/5/2020**
FN03 27/4/2020 to 10/5/2020 $1,500.00 10/5/2020
FN04 11/5/2020 to 24/5/2020 $1,500.00 24/5/2020
FN05 25/5/2020 to 7/6/2020 $1,500.00 7/6/2020
FN06 8/6/2020 to 21/6/2020 $1,500.00 21/6/2020
FN07  22/6/2020 to 5/7/2020 $1,500.00 5/7/2020
FN08 6/7/2020 to 19/7/2020 $1,500.00 19/7/2020
FN09 20/7/2020 to 2/8/2020 $1,500.00 2/8/2020
FN10 3/8/2020 to 16/8/2020 $1,500.00 16/8/2020
FN11 17/8/2020 to 30/8/2020 $1,500.00 30/8/2020
FN12 31/8/2020 to 13/9/2020 $1,500.00 13/9/2020
FN13  14/9/2020 to 27/9/2020 $1,500.00 27/9/2020
** The ATO gave an extension of time for the first two fortnights to allow businesses to perform testing and enrollment into the scheme

This week we saw many businesses making their JobKeeper Top-Up's for the first two fortnights by 5pm today.  

Please remember that any Top-Up payment for the third fortnight (FN03) is due by this Sunday 10/5/2020

The above is only relevant for Businesses with formal Employees Eligible for JobKeeper.

JobKeeper April 2020 Claims (due 31/5/2020)

  • JobKeeper Claims for Businesses with Eligible Employees were prioritised by us due to today's payment deadline.
  • JobKeeper Claims for Businesses without Eligible Employees will be finalised next week for lodgement.

JobKeeper payments from ATO

The ATO are delayed in processing April 2020 Claims.  Their expected due date is 15/5/2020 for deposit into your nominated business bank account.

Should you need assistance with the Job Keeper eligibility testing and enrollment, please call Jess on 97 544 4999 to schedule a meeting with Mark or one of our team.

Tax and BAS Compliance Program

We also wish to remind any clients awaiting on Income Tax Returns for 2019 that due to the unprecedented situation over the past 7 weeks of COVID19 Business Stimulus advice and JobKeeper Claims, all our team members have been assisting Businesses through this difficult period.  

We anticipate our Compliance program will resume AS SOON AS POSSIBLE by the third week of May.


For all meetings

As previously advised, all meetings will now be via the following channels:

  • Zoom meeting
  • Phone call
  • Facetime meeting
  • Open air appointments at an agreed location

Meeting arrangements will be conducted by Jess as per our usual practice.